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I'm made of Webdesign

👋 Hello!

I’m Ricardo Castanheira

Design is ment to be easy to use and solve problems with a touch of creativity! I design and develop projects based in the best pratices and methodologies.

Prototyping and Wireframming

Tree Testing and Fluxograms

User Testing for better User Experience

Design Systems, Libraries and Core


Design Thinking
in everything…

Since I started in the world of Design, 10 years ago, I have always tried to apply the methodologies in all projects.

Thinking Design for me applies to all areas I work with.

Most recent projects

Portfolio & Projects

Years 2022/23

Ageas Portugal – UX / UI on PCS Plataform Millenium BCP

Project to develop a new experience and usability for a new Ageas Pensões product, to be applied to all Millenium BCP banks.

  • Isolate elements, tree testing & user testing
  • Design, wireframming & prototyping
  • New functionalities & user interface
  • Interactions and live prototype

Years 2022/23

Ageas Portugal – Revamp Ageas Pensões

Support in the development of the new Ageas Pensões design system. Concerns and study of color, typography, spacing and more.

  • Figma
  • Project support and preception meetings
  • Design Thinking methodologies
  • Design sistem concept

Years 2022/23 – In development…

Bonimores  – UX / UI Design & Development

Project to create and develop a whole new online sales experience, using UX and UI methodologies.

  • Develped in WordPress
  • Figma (mockup)
  • Color & tipography studies
  • Store management formation

Year 2022

Sword Health – UX / UI & Development

Development of the new micro-site for the iconic Portuguese unicorn. Created for enhancing digital marketing campaigns.

  • WordPress with Adobe XD Mockup
  • Design, wireframming and prototyping
  • Developed with some PHP & CSS
  • Created some icon animations

Year 2021

Folques Real Estate – UX / UI da Plataforma de Gestão

Platform designed with the aim of creating the best real estate management, employees and partners.

  • HTML, CSS and JS with Adobe XD mockup
  • Design, wireframming and prototyping
  • Color, tipography and structure studies
  • Site map & user testing with employees

Year 2021

Partido Socialista – UX / UI Design (prototyping)

Project within the scope of a proposal to be budgeted for the new website of the socialist party. Developed experience and usability for contest.

  • Adobe XD for the proposal
  • Design, wireframming and prototyping
  • Photo edit and animations

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